How this blog will work…


This blog is meant to be read as a journey. Each Saturday at 7am a new blog post will be published and will be diving into my personal deconversion from Christianity.

The posts that are going to be published are anywhere from 9-6 months behind where I currently am at. I have been writing draft posts during this time and have a lot to share with you all. The plan is for this blog to keep going for years, there is so much to talk about, so very much.

This won’t be an easy blog to read. If you believe in Jesus and call yourself a Christian I will be touching on some very real topics that will resonate with you. If you have never believed in a God or have left a faith system, then I hope you will be interested in what I have to say and I hope you will share this journey with me.

I want people to comment, follow and engage with this stuff. I don’t want people that I don’t know to try and convert me back to a belief in God, rather I want people to share their own personal thoughts and feelings on the subjects broached each week.

To be clear. I never planned to leave my faith. I didn’t decide to write a blog and therefore needed something to write about. My faith fell apart and I have always loved to write, so I began to write ‘When Belief Dies’.

It turns out that 2020 is the time to post it. I am honestly terrified…

_End of Blog Blurb_

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. It has taken me a few years to get to a place where I am able to share about my loss of faith and to start writing about the journey that I am still on for you all. I hope you find it useful.

Grammar, spelling, capitalisation and punctuation: I am massively dyslexic. It has taken me years to get to the level I am currently at with writing and I have done this mainly through reading. I want to be better, and ask you reader to please forgive any errors in my writing. I hope you notice improvement upon improvement over the coming years.

Time Frame: This blog is roughly six to nine months behind where I currently am at in my journey out of religion. It’s important to remember that when reading and commenting.

If you want to connect with me, then you can get in touch via any of the social media links that can be found at the top of the page. If you want to get every post straight to your inbox then you can do that by either following directly via WordPress or with your email address, whichever you prefer – the links are to the right.


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  • I will follow your journey – your “evolution” away from religious belief – with much interest. Everyone’s story is different, but I’ll bet your journey was not because you were “mad at God” or “had a bad church experience”! I my experience, over 90% of us “ex-believers” gave up long-held belief because we (eventually) realized that it could not meet our criteria for valid evidence. And we gave it up reluctantly.

    • whenbeliefdies
      January 2, 2020 5:43 am

      Spot on. Almost like I woke up and realised I didn’t hold any other belief as blindly as I held Christianity, so what made Christianity special for me to believe no matter what? Hope you enjoy the blog 😆

      Appreciate the comment and support as well✌️

    • That’s exactly right. If only I could get Christians to understand that too! The number of times I’ve been told that, or that I was never a real Christian is really very frustrating.

      • (I went to your blog. A “limey”? In Burnham? I was an American evangelical missionary in England, with OM, for 7 years, though I lived in the UK for nearly 20 years, the last 13 being in Bognor Regis!! Small world … )

      • Hey scooterwes, the south east of England is a lovely place, with proper cider too 🙂

        I know of OM, during my Christian years I bumped into a few people who worked with them.

      • that should say *west* no east, ho hum!

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  • Welcome aboard and good luck. Where will you find your morality now? Ha!

  • I just found When Belief Dies on Twitter the other day and am eager to read your blog now. I deconverted from Christianity myself a little over 5 years ago and I really identify with what I’ve seen from you so far via Twitter. Looking forward to going through the blog! Best Regards to you man!

    • whenbeliefdies
      December 9, 2020 6:14 pm

      Hey FinbarrD 👋

      It’s so good to have you here! I hope you find what you read interesting ✌️

      Enjoy the journey 😊🙌


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