2 thoughts on “Why – When Belief Dies?

  1. I love the logo! It always perplexes me now when a Christian says “This beautiful landscape is evidence enough that God exists!” Of course I want to ask about cancer, bubonic plague and parasites that eat their hosts alive… As a non-believer I can enjoy the beautiful, try to mitigate or eliminate the ugly, without agonizing over why both exist in this world, and indeed existed long before there were humans around to “sin”.

    I’m interested – and gratified – to see you refer to yourself as an agnostic atheist now (a label I share), rather than just agnostic. Interesting because I’m familiar with the initial aversion to atheism and atheists. After all, these were things – and people – that we once abhorred. It takes time to accept that we hav changed so profoundly in one way, while not having changed at all in others. Gratified, because I think it’s important for us to use the term as part of seeking to overcome the stigma attached to it. I am an agnostic because I am not certain, I could be wrong. But I am also an atheist because I now find all the god claims to be not credible. I’m not on the fence in that respect: I disbelieve in gods until I can be convinced otherwise. That said, labels are not the most important thing. At the end of the day, the person who most cares that I am an agnostic atheist is myself.

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    1. I’ve recently dropped the term atheist and have been talking about it on the show.

      But after a conversation (separately) with Matt Dillahunty, David C. Smalley and Graham Oppy I know I need to do more reading and thinking.

      It’s semantics on half, as in your view and most peoples view I am an atheist. But that outworks from being a naturalist. I think.

      Lots of posts on this in the future. I’m sure you’ll find the journey interesting.


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