Is the evidence in?

Is my level of evidence higher than God could/would ever fulfil?

It’s an interesting question. One I think we should all ask ourselves regularly. What level of evidence do we require to claim something as ‘true’? What level of evidence do we need to shake us from the current world view that we hold? How much evidence is or was needed to tip the scale and move us out of the religious label we hold or held?

If I was to see a leg grow back in front of me today, would that make me believe in Jesus as my Lord and Saviour again? Maybe, but maybe not.

How would I know that it is the same God that people claim to know personally? How would I prove it isn’t some other supernatural force, or maybe even a natural force that we (as in humanity) haven’t seen or engaged with yet?

A miracle is just an example. Take anything that you might attribute to God. A voice, a feeling, a moment, a place, a philosophical argument, a collection of books and letters, a purpose, a calling, a belief, a prophecy, a friend, a healing, anything. How do you know that that thing equals or proves that a God exists, and if He does, specifically the God you believe in?

You see to my now opened eyes, God should fill the very fibre to existence if He made all and knows all, He should be seen and felt within all. I don’t mean that God is in stuff, or is stuff, what I mean is that the author of creation should also be found dwelling within His creation. He should be prevalent within His people, He should be active within the world, He should be redeeming, saving, building and working on, in, through and for this world and all life.

But from what I can now see. He isn’t.

There’s just a lot of subjective opinions, most of which contradict each other, providing a hope that bridges the gap between reality and the desires humanity has for a purpose, reason and destiny. For a God.

I don’t know what evidence I would require to believe in a God. Which might scare some people, but it doesn’t scare me, and it shouldn’t scare God. If there is a God who cares about us then He knows what it will take to convince Sam that He is real and that He is worthy of worship, admiration and devotion.

So many exvangelicals (ex Christians) have stopped engaging with the God question. They have given up trying to engage with the questions that surround leaving a faith-based belief system. I don’t blame them. Having (possibly) spent years being spoon-fed shame, guilt and a ‘magic pill’ in the form of accepting Christ and serving a Church, they have run as far away from it all as they can now that they are free.

Currently, as I am sure you can tell, this isn’t the path I am on. I want to keep engaging with both sides. I want to talk to Christians, and I want to talk to exvangelicals. They all had or have an evidence threshold. Maybe it’s the evidence of their parents. Maybe it’s a loved one or the moment they saw a child being brought into the world. Maybe it’s an alcoholic parent finding the Lord and turning their back on the drink. Maybe they heard a voice, saw a miracle and now they can’t help by believe.

Whatever the reason, they will have an evidence threshold.

I mentioned before that I don’t think we are actually in control of what does or does not convince us of something. I think we can alter our thresholds by reading, studying and intellectually engaging. But I think these thresholds change as evidence or arguments are brought that move our thresholds because we are moved by the power of what is presented, not because we want to believe it.

I wanted to believe in God. But that doesn’t me that I actually can.

Is my level of evidence higher than God could/would ever fulfil? It is higher than the current level of evidence I have explored has fulfilled. I can see a day when I say that I am done and close the chapter on my exploration and begin to live a bit more, rather than question and search all the time.

I will stress it one more time. If God is real, He knows what it would take, until then I will search throughout the world and stand in awe of the fact, that I have the ability to do just that. Though to me, this also doesn’t prove the existence of God.

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When Belief Dies #59 – 'Evolution 2.0' with Perry Marshall When Belief Dies

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