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I need to purchase some new podcast & video editing equipment as my computer is failing :/

If you are here it’s because you either know me personally, watch/listen to the podcast each Wednesday or read the blog each Saturday.

I am currently running everything from a 2013 iMac that I inherited from my Grandad, it’s served me really really well, but it is starting to have some massive problems which will soon see it being decommissioned (sad times).

When I started When Belief Dies it was a blog, which quickly grew into a podcast and has now grown even further into a YouTube Channel.

I’ve invested a lot of money (about £1,000) into the audio equipment and about £200 into other essential elements such as the domain name, hosting platforms, artwork, logos and other equipment that I’ve needed to get When Belief Dies off the ground.

I don’t have any money left, and I am currently only able to bring in about £13 a month from Patreon (which is really appreciated by the way!!).

In short, I need a new computer and one that will last me for the next five-eight years so that I can plan ahead and start to save now for the other expenses that are definitely going to be coming up in the future.

You might have noticed that the video’s on YouTube, although 1080p, are still patchy and blurry. This is down to my computers processing power, and it is slowly getting worse.

I’ve taken a lot of steps over the last few months to keep my iMac running, but it’s now crashing during Zoom calls and is failing for most videos as I process them.

So – I need your help, would you be willing to put some money towards helping me pay for a new computer? Would you share this GoFundMe with others online?

The sad reality is, if I can’t get over this hurdle then we might have to stop the video version of the podcast, and I might even have to stop the podcast itself, as editing the audio is also causing a lot of issues for my iMac.

This is what I am planning to use all the money for:

PC Build: Plan (£2,025)

Video Editing Software: DaVinci Resolve (£ free)

Audio Editing: iZotope RX8 standard (£290)

Monitors x2: BenQ GQ2480 (£250 total)

Mouse: Razer Maba Elite (£60)

Keyboard: Razer BlackWidow V3 (£140)

I hope you can see, I want to invest everything I raise directly into the best possible setup to enable When Belief Dies to last well into the future, at least from an editing perspective. 

As things continue to grow I hope to be able to purchase a new camera and other items from the regular and one-off donations as they also hopefully going to grow.

Anyway – know I will always use your funds to enable things to develop as well as possible.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for supporting my work.

You can support my GoFundMe here.

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  • That looks similar to the PC we bought last year also from PC Specialist, for video editing for the church – higher spec on some components and lower on others and probably lower spec total as it cost less. We are very happy with it and PC Specialist are brilliant on support. Here’s possibly the best sample of what we’ve produced using DaVinci Resolve without any training – https://youtu.be/0EX3nSifhMw. I would suggest you consider the DaVinci Resolve keyboard we bought for Scan computers in Bolton (code LN93738 on the Scan website) – it did help get into Resolve and is probably the best keyboard we’ve had (not a fair comparison as previously I think we’ve only gone for cheap ones). I’ll have to look up the audio software you mention – I haven’t heard of it and have only used Audacity.


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