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I do my best to comment to people’s questions via my ‘When Belief Dies’ profile, but it turns out that a couple of days ago I commented on a post on my Facebook Page with my personal account. Since then, I have had a couple of very ‘high stat days’ on WordPress, which means that some people have found the blog and podcast, as the stats have gone up on Anchor.FM as well.

I went around for a couple of beers with my next-door neighbour last night, he’s a great guy and we love to talk metal music, drugs (historic) and life. I am very lucky to have a friend in him. As we were working through the beer, he mentioned that he noticed I have a podcast and said that I am very brave to share it. He knows I moved to this town to support a local church plant and he is aware that I have deconstructed due to all the questions I have come up against. My reaction was, ‘Ahh, thanks’, but then it suddenly dawned on me how everyone I know on Facebook (556 people) could now be aware of both the blog and podcast.

I also feel a real relaxation in how I respond to people so that I can respond with my personal account and allow people to find my story if they do, and only if they want to, will they read and respond. It’s fair to say that it’s been only a few people, who seem to have read a lot, rather than a lot of people who have read a bit. At least it seems that way from the comments I have got sent straight to me.

I’ve been wondering how ‘worth it’ the blog is recently. The podcast seems to be the main place people engage with WBD, and blogs seem to be something that doesn’t get the same attention that it did say 12 years ago when everyone had a blog of some sort. Thinking through how I engage with books and people, it tends to be audio-based. If they have books on audible or a podcast, then I will take a listen. Videos on YouTube seem to be a second to audio for me, which is interesting as I am sure most people prefer YouTube to audible or podcasts. Reading a book on my kindle or in physical form is a rarity. For example, I am currently listening to a series of fantasy audiobooks by Mark Lawrence, whilst listening to a few podcasts around it. I might watch a couple of YouTube videos a week and then will read a chapter of something before I go to bed (currently a book about mushrooms – more to come on that).

Anyway, what I am trying to say with all of that is I think the blog is my main way of working through my thoughts about faith, religion and life. But the podcast seems to be the place that most people tune into each week to hear about Dave and my thoughts in the present, as we navigate through different elements.

It’s good that we have both, as most of the people I know hate to read. They would much rather listen to someone on a regular basis than read someone on a regular basis. Don’t worry – the blog is staying, but I am finding it interesting to see the build-up of listeners for the podcast compared to the build-up of readers of this blog.

People are finding out about WBD and that I have collated thoughts and taken ‘time stamps’ of my life through this blog and podcast, it’s good that this is happening organically and rippling out at a slow rate. I’ve given myself until 2030 to make something of WBD, so let’s see where this blog and podcast go from now until then.

I am glad that I captured the doubt I had within Christianity, as well as the doubt I have within Agnostic Atheism. It’s important to be realistic about this stuff, it isn’t a simple equation – it’s life.

_End of Blog Blurb_

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. It has taken me a few years to get to a place where I am able to share my loss of faith and to start writing about the journey that I am still on for you all. I hope you find it useful.

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Grammar, spelling, capitalisation and punctuation: I am massively dyslexic. It has taken me years to get to the level I am currently at with writing and I have done this mainly through reading. I want to be better and ask you, reader, to please forgive any errors in my writing. I hope you notice improvement upon improvement over the coming years.

Time Frame: This blog is roughly twelve to twenty-four months behind where I currently am in my journey out of religion. It’s important to remember that when reading and commenting.

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I’ll see you back here at the same time next week 🙂


When Belief Dies #86 – 'Burner Accounts' with Daniel Kelly When Belief Dies

This week Sam and Daniel sit down as laypeople to talk about the nature of social online communication and how it is or isn't affecting the discord within the religious vs none religious space. Grab a bottle of your favourite whisky, create a burner account, and follow along 😉 The video version of this conversation can be found here on our YouTube channel 12 hours after the audio version goes live. You can find/follow Daniel here:  Twitter The video version of this conversation can be found here on our YouTube channel 12 hours after the audio version goes live. We hope you enjoy our show. When Belief Dies aims to honestly reflect on faith, religion and life. Your support via Patreon enables us to cover the costs of running this show and look to the future to make things even better as we build upon what we already have in the works. Please take a look and consider giving. Alternatively, you can support the show with a one-off gift via PayPal or Bitcoin. Use the following link to navigate to the website, to find us on social media and anywhere else we might be present online. #Podcast #Deconstruction #God #Agnostic #Christian   #Atheism #Apologetics #Audio #Question #Exvangelical #Deconversion   #SecularGrace #Exchristian
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  • I’ve been reading the blog since I diswcovered it – and read from the beginning. I like that youare exploring your beliefs ad understanding, rather than defencing a position.
    I’m totally different than you in that I read a lot, and always have done. I tend to read books using the Kindle app on my phone, but sometimes my Kindle and sometimes on paper. I don’t think I have ever listended to an audio book – I don’t think I would have the patience, since reading is so much faster for me, and I’ll usually skip videos on social media (although I watch a lot of Youtube videos – but yu can speed them up quite a bit). Consequently I’ve only listened to a couple of your podcasts. I wonder if that would be different if I had ever had a car commute to work? I used to read on the train when I wored in London.

    So, I am glad you are continuing the blog as well as the podcast.


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