‘The Resurrection?’ with Michael R. Licona


Last week I shared a conversation I had with Bart Ehrman where we talked about the all-day debate taking place on the 9th of April 2022 between himself and Mike Licona. In this conversation, I sit down with Mike Licona and ask the same questions I asked Bart.

I wanted to hear his thoughts and also allow you, as the listener, to reflect on these two conversations and the different ways these scholars respond, as we look ahead to the debate together.

Did the Resurrection of Jesus really happen?

Here is my conversation with Mike:

Debate Details: Right now the all-day debate is on early-bird special at $39.95 and until the launch date (Apr 9th), then the price goes to $49.95.

Once you’ve signed up, you will have lifetime access to this debate, so it’s possible to do so after it’s taken place and watch back at your pace! Using my link helps my channel financially, and also means it is easier to get Bart back on in the future: https://www.whenbeliefdies.com/webinar3


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