A Realisation

I can’t seem to get away from wanting Christianity to be true.

For example reading Narnia for comfort to trying to find God, the specific God I once worshipped, within this world.

I don’t think this is bad, but I don’t think it is ever going to be enough to convince me that God is in fact real.

I have been battering up against the idea of Free Will, Objective vs Subjective morality and the Cause of the Universe for a while, as you will have seen over the last few months. Whatever I have said before, I still don’t think we have the level of free will claimed by Christians, in the form of libertarian free will. I don’t see how morality can be objective, there seem to be too many subjective views in place before a possible objective grounding that we can’t move passed. On the cause of the universe, well, you are only going to be guessing for the foreseeable future and making assumptions based on what we witness today.

Now back to the ‘comfort’ part of this. I want libertarian free will to exist. If it did, my reasons behind writing this blog post would be of my own accord, the decisions I make would have been completely made by me, but they are not. I still have rationality due to evolutionary systems that have brought humanity to the place we find ourselves in today, which helps shape the decisions I make, but I don’t choose the actions. It’s VERY hard to realise this and then apply it to the world at large, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true and that we shouldn’t try.

I want an objective morality to exist, why? Because it would give us, humanity, a clear anchor as to why one thing is right and another wrong. Subjective morality doesn’t remove all the anchors though, recently I have come to the realisation that we are involved in a variety of stories that make up this society we live in. Following certain rules and breaking others will result in positive or negative consequences. When we are born we are placed within a moral framework that is not objective but is the accumulation of subjective focus, purpose and therefore morality.

I mention Narnia at the top of this blog post. I love those books (please don’t hate me, Philip Pullman). I cry when I read them. I want Aslan to be real, to restore and call us by name to live in His fullness. But Aslan is not real. Narnia is but a story, built upon the Christian narrative of the 20th century and it has tethers that run to my very core. These tethers are not because God is real, they are because of the world we are in today, how I was raised and where my desires are focused and placed.

Reason needs to be anchored for it to be the reason. How can we reason through purely naturalistic ‘by chance’ movements? Listen to this episode of the podcast with Peter S. Willaims, where he talks about entering Wales, and how we would trust we know we were in fact entering Wales. (Starting around 01:06:50 until near the end)

The pushback is, we are not here randomly. We have evolved, and through this evolutionary process, rationality has been imbued within us by natural selection.

The following video captures all of these points really well. I would highly advise you to take a gander and share your thoughts.


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