Farewell For Now


It’s time to stop, even though it breaks my heart.

This video serves as my reason why.

This announcement goes live via the podcast on Wednesday morning, and in video form on Wednesday evening.

I share it with you all early here on the blog.

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  • Erik Johnson
    April 16, 2022 1:46 pm

    Thanks for the content you’ve created. I’m a former pastor and deconvert fr. Xty, have appreciated reading your stuff, and wish you well in the days to come. Take care.

  • Sam, you are a real person who puts it all on the line. Thank you for sharing your story and your feelings. You are an inspiration to many who not only have struggled with faith issues, but also with mental health issues. I will not forget you. All my best!

  • You are brave and courageous. <3

  • Big love Sam ❤️ Your content has helped me so much on my deconversion journey, I hope the best for you and yours

  • Peter veitch
    April 17, 2022 6:39 am

    All the best, hopefully we’ll see and hear you are doing well soon

  • Luv you man! Take care of yourself. Always enjoy your content.

  • Dear Sam,
    As a listener to the podcast, I appreciate so much for the lights brought by those episodes. I offer my full support to the decision you believe is the right for you. I am a mental health aider and if there is anything I can help with , I am always there.


  • Hey Sam! You won’t know me from Adam (literally!) but I wanted to tell you that I’ve only recently discovered you and your channel. I’m also from the UK & have really struggled to find anyone who’s experienced a similar life to my own and then I discovered you!
    Just wanted to say that you’ve been massively helpful to me – thank you! I’m genuinely gutted that your stopping/pausing your show but totally understand why and your mental health must always come first! Please let me know if you decide to start up again as I’d love to connect with you in the future.. take care ☺️

  • Hi Sam,

    I always wondered how you were able to take so much on your plate. Adding to that, you had taken on the challenge of trying to answer “unanswerable” questions, and under the pressure of having to present something meaningful to the public on a regular basis. You may find this rest will not only be good for your health, you may also come into a fresh perspective, seeing things you missed while you were grinding away on the particular path you were taking. So, yes, set this aside and take care of the other parts of your life and let this work itself out. You’ve already made an impact.


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